AUC Alumni Folklore Group

We are a team of highly diversified individuals in terms of age and career path, yet unite with our passion for the Egyptian Folklore Art.

We grew aspiring to represent our culture and follow the legacy of the founding father Mahmoud Reda, Ali Reda, Ali Ismail & the graceful Farida Fahmy and found a medium that allowed us to do so when AUC Alumni Folklore Group was founded in 2013 by Pinky Selim under the full support of AUC and the Alumni Office.

The Group was founded as a mean to bring together all the passionate dancers from all ages as well as recruit new ones from different paths of life for a higher purpose; to “Revive The Art” of the Egyptian Folklore and raise its popularity and respect in our society at large.

We take pride in our team that consists solely of amateurs from different age groups, but still managed to have memorable shows that created enough noise for people to start appreciating folklore again especially among the younger generations that have become too attached to the western culture in comparison to our own cultural roots.
Throughout our shows, we pay tribute to Mahmoud Reda by recreating a few of his incomparable work while the rest of our dances is our own choreography infused with different elements that all generations can relate to.