Iroko Trio (Brazil)

With its versatile and contemporary sound, the Iroko Trio has carved a unique path in the vast musical geography of Latin American. Embracing a variety of styles from original compositions, commissioned works, or iconic pieces from the classical Latin American repertoire, the Trio’s repertoire ranges from large and imposing works such as Danzón no.2 by Arturo Márquez, to intimate pieces such as Memoria e Fado by Egberto Gismonti. Through its own arrangements, the Trio also explores the range, depth, and technical resources of each of its instruments, thus expending the sound palette of the ensemble beyond its expected sonorities. The Iroko Trio is composed of three musicians - Carla Rincón (violin), Elodie Bouny (guitar) and Marcelo Caldi (accordion) - who have built brilliant individual careers as soloists, and whose cosmopolitan trajectories come together to provide a masterful combination of classical and popular musical forms. The results are an irresistible invitation to attentive and discerning listeners.