Amara quartet (Portugal)

Amara quartet is the female expression of Fado and stands out for their elegance, strength and beauty. The purpose of their music is to carry on the Fado tradition from a contemporary perspective, exploring new tales of poetry. The music of Amara quartet blends the heritage of the broad world of Fado “tradicional” with subtle elements of contemporary classical music and the rich Portuguese folk music, presenting a singular repertoire with original compositions and singular arrangements using unique instrumentation. Each of the musicians of Amara has a profound musical background and experience in those different styles and worked over the years at the “Casas de Fado”, collaborating with many great musicians in the field, where they developed as “fadistas”.Amara, in Portuguese, means the original love. Fado music was the first love and passion that connected these four ladies. Since the 19th century, Fado has been a manifestation of the Portuguese people’s voice and identity. Fado music transmits the joys and sorrows of the Portuguese soul. Amara quartet was founded in July 2020 in the city of Porto, Portugal, by Joana Almeida, and it is the first female Fado quartet in the history of Portugal. In 2021, the group performed in different concert halls and national and international festivals. In 2022, Amara started presenting the new quartet’s lineup that integrates the sublime sonority of Accordion, asserting Amara’s musical identity. The secret of Amara lies in the creative chemistry between its four members. Ana Ferreira - vocals, Sónia Sobral – accordion, Joana Almeida – classic guitar and Susana Castro Santos – cello.

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