Samar Tarek (Egypt)
Samar Tarik is a talented Egyptian singer and songwriter that
Magdalena Makowska (Germany)
Magdalena Makowska studied violin playing in music universities in Warsaw
Amara quartet (Portugal)
Amara quartet is the female expression of Fado and stands
Del’ Moanath Salem (Egypt)
Del’ Moanath Salem is a drama inspired by true tales
Iroko Trio (Brazil)
With its versatile and contemporary sound, the Iroko Trio has
Sagy (Egypt)
Sagy (born January 1st, 1996) is an Egyptian hip hop
Isabel Vinardell (Spain)
Isabel Vinardell, singer, dancer and choreographer has been professionally dedicated
She Arts All female Orchestra(Egypt – Germany)
For this second edition of She Arts, an All Female
Comedy Sett (Egypt)
Comedy Sett is the first platform and community organized and
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