Anna Bassy (Italy)

Italian-Nigerian singer-songwriter Anna Bassy is one of the most interesting emerging talents in the Italian new soul scene. She wrote her first songs in 2016, originally conceived to be performed only with voice and a guitar. Now the project has evolved to include a full band line-up who have brought new life to the arrangements, making them more intense and sophisticated without losing their delicacy, and blending African roots with soul, pop, electronic, and folk influences.

Since the presentation of the project in 2019, Anna has continued to pursue opportunities to perform her songs live, as a fundamental way to express herself. To date she has performed over 70 concerts throughout Italy.

Her debut EP “Monsters”, released in October 2021, is a journey through fear in its various forms, but also an appeal, an exhortation, a cry for help.

She’s also one of the Italian participants selected for Keychange 2022, the international movement for gender balance in the music industry.

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