Fulana (Saudi Arabia)

Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Fulana began producing music in 2010. Inspired by the significance of everyday life, the exciting and the mundane, Fulana’s music portrays raw and unfiltered emotion through writing and electronic music composition. With her first popular single “everything and nothing”, which was written, composed, and recorded in its entirety in one day, Fulana never imagined herself as a serious recording artist with tools other than a computer keyboard, an iPhone headset, and a teacup. It was much later after the public response to her tracks “Infinite Space”, “Ghosts”, and “Aquarius”, that she started to reconsider taking music with a little more seriousness. With the valuable addition of ethereal guitars and more eloquent music composition introduced by fulana’s now band member, in 2020, the band continues to tell stories of vulnerability and honesty through music with full intention of breaking the boundaries of genres.

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